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The weight of gold - Michael Phelp's story

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian ever. Winning 28 total medals across 4 Olympic Games, 23 of which were gold. Even with all this success Michael has struggled with his mental health. Back in 2014 after a 2nd DUI charge (Driving whilst under the influence) he contemplated suicide, he also struggled with his identity after retiring in 2016.

"Yeah I won a shit-ton of medals. I had a great career… So what? I thought of myself as 'just a swimmer. Not a human being."

Michael has spoken out during lockdown about his mental health stating…

"I'll be the first to admit my mental health has been scarier than it's ever been throughout all of this”

He went on to say his workout routine and spending time with his wife and kids has given his mind the structure it needs. He also regularly journals his thoughts and meditates to strengthen and control his mental health.

"For those who are struggling with mental health, know you're not alone: There are days where I want to curl up into a ball and sit in the corner. But it's just taking a little step forward, taking a deep breath from time to time. It really helps."

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