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Stand up to mental health - James Acaster's story

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

James Acaster is a British comedian who shot to fame when he produced a 4 part stand-up series for Netflix entitled Repertoire. After a split from his girlfriend back in 2017, James began re-experiencing feelings of both depression and anxiety which led to thoughts of suicide. “I’d find myself thinking about different ways I could kill myself. That scared me”.

Understanding he was seriously struggling he booked and attended therapy sessions. Thinking out loud with the guidance of a neutral impartial professional helped him process his thoughts and feelings.

James also used music to help his recovery. Playing it to help calm him during anxious thoughts. This led him to a project where he delved into the music of 2016 to broaden his knowledge. This project helped him focus his mind and provide a level of motivation.

“If I discovered an album I loved, that was something positive I’d done that day.”

Small goals like this are great for self-esteem and giving purpose to each day.

This project led him to declare that 2016 was the best year for music and has since started a podcast we’re he disputes this claim with guests.

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