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One of his toughest opponents - Frank Bruno's story

As a former WBC Heavyweight champion British boxer, Frank Bruno has faced some tough battles. Although he fought the likes of Lennox Lewis and went toe-to-toe with Mike Tyson twice it may be surprisingly to hear that one of his toughed fights came outside the ring.

A divorce in 2001 led to Frank leaving the family home where he began to feel isolated and lonely. This manifested into a lack of motivation where Frank found finding the will to work out and even brush his teeth difficult.

Typically of a boxer he didn’t want to admit defeat stating…

“Like a lot of men, I didn’t want to speak up and say I’m feeling like this… you feel embarrassed, so you keep it to yourself and it just gets worse and worse.”

Burnout from working constantly as well as not getting any sleep made the problem worse and his family began to notice the change in his behaviour. Frank’s refusal to seek medical help led to him to be sectioned for 28 days and later being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Upon his release Frank knew he needed to quickly stop his dependency on the medication so got back into the gym and eating well.

He has since set up ‘The Frank Bruno Foundation’ which gives those who have previously or currently experienced mental illness access to participate in a non-contact boxing programme.

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